Finding Options to Help Fight Off Debt

Guest Post by Stella Walker

Getting into debt is scary. There is no denying that. You start to get this anxious feeling of being trapped; you have too many bills not paid off to think clearly. You know you have to do something, but you feel like you don't have a lot of options.

In actuality, there are a lot of options out there, and I'm not just talking about bankruptcy (although this is still viable in extreme cases). Half the battle is getting yourself out of this emotional and psychological slump and convincing yourself that you can be proactive about your debt and finances.

Cut off luxuries

If you can't pay your own bills, it's time to start making your own coffee and lunch and bringing it to work. You should also at least attempt to repair household items yourself. If there's no cancellation fee, cancel your gym membership and instead opt for good-old-fashioned jogging. While you're at it, cancel any other services that you don't need; if the service doesn't facilitate you getting out of debt, you don't need it.

Start a small business

While it is true that it generally does take some money to startup a small business, some business start-ups are actually extremely low cost. One extremely cheap startup is a snow cone stand. Have any secret hobbies or skills? Now is the time to put yourself out there and at least give it a shot. You'd also be surprised how cheap it is to start up an online business. You could even write a blog telling the story of your struggles with debt (like this one).

Balance Liquidation Plans

If you have a whole slew of credit cards with outstanding balances and frighteningly high interest rates, you should perhaps consider requesting balance liquidations plans from your creditors. While this doesn't allow you to charge to cards that you've liquidated, it does lower the interest rates to extreme degrees. Just be sure that you have ways to make necessary expenses without your cards.

Pay Cash

If you do wind up liquidating your cards, this is a great way to try budgeting with cash. The beauty of a cash budget is that it forces you not to overspend because you literally can't. You take out the amount of money you want to budget each week (or month) in cash, and if you find yourself getting low on cash, you just have to start scraping pennies and looking for food in the freezer until the set time that you allow yourself to take out more cash.

Use Envelopes

If you decide to limit your budget with cash withdrawal restraints, another great strategy is to organize separate budgets into different envelopes. For example, you'll have envelops for bills, clothes, groceries, etc. with a designated amount for each envelope. The idea here is that you limit a budget for each area of your life, and if one envelope empties to quickly, you have identified a possible spending problem in your household.

Author Bio:
Stella Walker is a freelance writer of free credit score where she writes about topics including credit, debt, investment, bankruptcy.


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