How to Avoid Overspending on Your Credit Card

Guest Post By Andrew Black

Your credit card debt could be piling up by now if you are into overspending. It is becoming a common problem these days as the number of so-called shopaholic people increases. Moreover, modern society has obviously made it very easy to spend much more than you should. It is about time you start aiming to clear your rising credit card debts.

If you want to obtain peace of mind, you should aim to curtail, control, and eliminate overspending. In reality, it could be harder than you think. Most of the time, consumers fail to resist the urge to spend according to their means. Overspending is a problem that leads to more financial problems. Thus, it would be best if you would observe the following tips on how to avoid it.

Prevent impulsive spending

Spending on impulse could be a habit. It is one of the main reasons cited for consumers’ overspending activities. To prevent it, try to reflect prior to buying any item. If you like to buy anything you see in a retail shop, try not to make a purchase right away. Instead, wait for a day before you actually decide to buy it. Doing so would enable you to rethink the proposition to buy and possibly find other items that could be comparatively better.

Do not go to places where there are numerous temptations to buy. Overspending is common to consumers who frequent shopping centres and retail shops. If you go to such places to overcome boredom, try to find other venues to do so. Likewise, try not to spend your lunch break strolling around retail shops. How about hanging out in a garden or a park where there could be less temptation to spend anything?

Live within a strict budget

If overspending is your problem, set a specific budget per week. Intend not to spend beyond this allocation no matter what happens. Furthermore, make sure your weekly budget is in cash, which is much easier to monitor. Keep your credit cards in a secured place and do not bring it whenever you go out so as not to face the urge to spend unnecessarily.

It would also help if you would know how much you spend. Be conscious when you buy small or relatively cheap items. For instance, do not buy coffee as frequently as you do. Review your bank accounts, payables, and credit card bills so you would determine how much you spend within a particular period. Also try to look at different types of items you purchase.

Set objectives when shopping

You could effectively avoid overspending if you would set clear objectives prior to shopping. Buy items because you really need them, not because you want them. Before deciding to purchase anything, think more than twice whether you would go on and complete the purchase. Do not try to look closer at things that do not fall within your shopping objectives.

Lastly, you could curtail overspending by avoiding spending by habit. Review your own habitual spending pattern. This way, you could determine whether you tend to buy things based on necessity or simply based on your habit. Try to find other recreational activities that would take most of your idle time from habitual spending.

Andrew has been working in the finance industry helping people to consolidate credit card debts. Andrew now likes to share advice on how to avoid debt.


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Great tips on using a credit card wisely. Unfortunately, many people use credit cards to live beyond their means, and this is half the problem. Hopefully people follow your tips and avoid excessive credit card spending ;)

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