4 Smart Ways to Use Your Income Tax Return

Guest Post by Katheryn Rivas

It may be a little early in the year to be talking about income taxes and, no doubt, it's the last thing any of us want to think about at this point, but thinking ahead about these things is the first step in strong financial management. As tax return season slowly approaches, we have visions of wonderful ways to spend that money for our financial betterment. Some of us think about tucking that cash away under our mattress for a rainy day or putting it in the stock market to hopefully make a quick buck. While of these are both options, they are probably not the wisest ones. More of us dream of shopping sprees and home improvements with our tax refunds. However, there are many other ways you can utilize your tax refund that will be smarter and more productive for your financial health. Consider these four options this year. 

Add to Your Life Insurance

For many of us, putting our tax return towards our life insurance is the last thing we consider. However, adding to your life insurance from this money can be a very wise plan for certain people. If you own a home or have children, your life insurance coverage should be about eight to ten times your annual income. While this may sound extreme, it is an important thing to consider. Try using your tax return towards gaining the right amount of life insurance. This is a good way to invest in the important things like your family and loved ones. 

Lighten Your Debt

Obviously, using your tax return toward your debt is a smart option. If you are able to make it through the year without that chunk of money, you can probably put it toward something more productive than your spending account. Rather than continually paying the minimum amount on your credit card bill, try putting your tax return money toward that bill to pay a larger chunk of it off. Paying the minimum can cause big problems if you have a high interest rate. Those interest rates can sneak up on you and eventually cost you more money than you expect. 

Get an Energy Audit

A home energy audit can help you pinpoint where it is you are losing money in your home. This audit can be an expensive thing to get done, but it can end up saving you a significant amount in the long run. Put your tax refund money towards lowering your regular energy bills and improving your home's livability and resale value. 

Invest in Your Self in the Right Way

While many of us use our tax refunds to invest in ourselves in one way or another (new clothes, new furnishings, etc.), there are better ways to improve ourselves using that money. Try investing in your career by spending that money one furthering your education. You can take classes to get a higher degree or to obtain a specific certification that can put you in a new pay level at work. By investing in your education and career, you have the potential to earn more money later in your life and you will make yourself more valuable.

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