Ban Uncontrollable Spending for Good

Guest Post by Lauren Bailey

6 Steps to Shopping Addiction Recovery

It is an unfortunate reality that many Americans and citizens across the world have found themselves in debt and living beyond their means. As common as this is, though, suffering from an actual shopping addiction is quite a separate issue, and it can leave hugely detrimental marks on your finances. If you have found yourself compulsively spending and you need to break the cycle, here are some easy steps to help start the process.

1.  Admit you have a problem and seek the help of a counselor.
As anyone who has struggled with an addiction issue knows, the hardest part about the process is completely admitting to yourself that you have a problem that is out of your control. The next step is admitting you need help. Remember, if you could help yourself, you would have done it already! Make an appointment with a counselor or psychologist to talk about the issue and get some guidance about ways to move forward.

2.  Cut up Your Credit Card
The first step to financial freedom after putting yourself in damaging debt is to give up your credit card, once and for all. Pay for purchases with cash, check or debit only.

3.  Find Shopping Alternatives

The compulsion to shop is not going to simply go away because you realized you are addicted. In fact, your need to shop will probably grow the more you try to fight it. Make a list of activities that you can do in place of shopping, so you have plenty of options handy.

4.  Bring a Shopping List Every Time
If you want to control what you buy, then you need to figure out exactly what you need, and only purchase those items. Make a list of items you need to purchase every time you shop, whether it is for clothing or groceries, and stick to it.

5.  Change Your Lifestyle
Keeping up the same routine as you had before you started dealing with your addiction will not help your recovery process. Instead, think of this as a time to change up the way you live. Drive a different way to work, eat out at different restaurants, and add activities that you never did before to your weekly schedule.

6.  Bring a Friend
When in doubt, bring a friend. Find someone you can trust to support your through your recovery process and call them when you feel the urge to shop, or when you have to go shopping and feel afraid you will overspend.

Author Bio:
Lauren Bailey regularly writes for online colleges. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: blauren99


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